Husco Awarded $113 Million Per Year Contract With Global Automaker

Multi-year contract is the largest in company history; will improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions in next-generation internal combustion engines

May 31, 2022, Waukesha, Wis. – Husco, a privately-owned company specializing in hydraulic and electro-mechanical control systems, announced today that it has been awarded a $113 million per year contract to develop and produce an innovative, new engine management system for a major global automotive OEM. Set to span multiple years, this is the largest single new program award in Husco’s history.

“Throughout our 76-year history, Husco has been a leader in the development of hydraulic and electro-mechanical control systems that enable gasoline and diesel-fueled vehicles,” said Austin Ramirez, chief executive officer of Husco. “While our business is becoming increasingly tied to the electric vehicle market, internal combustion engine applications will remain a critical component of the global automotive market for the foreseeable future. Through smart innovation and intelligent risk taking, we continue to support our partners in our shared goal of making engines cleaner and more efficient. In fact, the fuel savings generated by Husco components produced in 2022 will be greater than the total fuel that will be saved by every electric vehicle produced in the US in 2022.”

Husco was the only supplier in the industry capable of meeting the customer’s demanding technical requirements with a commercially feasible design. Called “TruCrank,” the new technology enables a significant improvement in fuel efficiency and corresponding reduction in vehicle emissions by maximizing power output with the lowest possible fuel consumption. To support this project, the company plans to invest $15 million in new capital equipment.

“This new program enables Husco to increase our content per vehicle by more than 10 times and grow our internal combustion business even as the market share of electric vehicles continues to expand,” said Todd Zakreski, president of Husco Automotive. “Husco’s scope of technical expertise has expanded to include software, controls and electro-mechanical systems.

Slated to begin production in 2025, this new program will drive the hiring of more than 50 new engineering, manufacturing and business positions. Well known among the industry and community as a best place to work, Husco is actively recruiting at all levels and positions within the fast-growing global company. To learn more about careers at Husco, please visit